Smart Infrastructure Approach

Access Control

Access control system allow authorized employees and visitors get in and out of while keeping unauthoried individuals out.

Environmental Montring

Sensors will keep you informed of potentially damaging environmenal shifts in critical areas such as temperature, smoke, and humidity.

Conference Room Technology

Our conference rouna tech provides a high-performance coliaboration experience like none other, Ask us about our full video walls for conference rooms, lobbies and more.

Building Automation System

Allows owners and manag rs to se- building systems via computer, tablet or smartphone. The system can be upgraded as needed to include integrated security and door controls.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Whether you want to deter criminals by showing them they're on arrera or ensure your business is protected yet still in the style of the decor of your interior, we ensure our security systems work for your business.

Security Systems

Installing the right security system for your business is a necessity, not an option. The correct system will provide for greater peace of mind, lower insurance rates, and a safer working environment for you and your employees.

Smarter WIFI

Intelligent WiFi networks that build and heal themselves. Scalable from small networks to large sites and thousands of locations all from a single cloud-based dashboard.

Cable Instalation

Every cable pull is unique, and all the different factors must be weighed at the pre-planning stage. A little foresight can save the cost of having to re-pull cable runs that may have been damaged during the initial installation.

The FZC Smart lnfrastructure Approbich is becoming the new standard for business operation. Learn about all of these options (and more) and allow your building to be part of your business.

At FZC Consulting, our mission is to help businesses like increase productivity and get more out of the technology you invest in. We specialize in solutions that safeguard and protect your data and keep operations running smoothly. Contact us today and schedule a network assessment with us to see what can be done to optimize your operation. The results may surprise you.